Let’s Get Dangerous.

Welcome to the portal for the latest in role-playing experiments, featuring a gaggle of adventurers unwittingly about to embark on a journey of absurd proportions.

Each session will feature a new DM, with no way of knowing what the next storyteller will do with the threads of fate. Everything is canon, and madness is near-guaranteed.

Gird thy loins generously and prepare to be tested.


First time here? Head over to the characters tab and create a page for your dood! It’s quite simple. You’ll see a dropdown, select the 3.5 Universal character sheet and fill out your information. If you have biographies written (PLEASE DO THAT, IT’LL HELP THINGS A LOT!), please be as detailed as you want to be. Information about characters in the game world aside from the PC’s will be populated and revealed as necessary. Information about the world we’ll be running amok in will show up soon. The Adventure Log page will (eventually) contain summaries of our shenanigans on a session-by-session basis.

I’m being generous about starting gold. Everyone gets 200 gp to start with for equipment, if you haven’t gone ‘shopping’ yet, do so at your leisure or wait til we gather for the first time in the near future.

The Wiki!

There’s a wiki available for this campaign so that we can keep track of the madness!

D Cups Full of Justice

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